6 Best Jewellery For Your Closet at less than A$100

Are you looking for affordable jewellery ideas for your everyday wear? Good authentic jewellery is expensive and hard to get, and when you when you do get them, they are so costly.
That doesn't mean you can't get affordable jewellery that's worth your money. At Queens and Collection, we pride ourselves in giving you luxurious, expensive-looking jewellery at affordable prices.
Below are samples from our collection that are pocket friendly and good looking.
The century bracelet is the perfect description of timelessness, class, luxury and affordability. If you love the idea of bling combined with Gold, then without a doubt, you love the 18K Gold century bracelet decorated with Zirconia gemstones. 
 At 7 inches, the timeless bracelet perfectly fits the wrist and is hypoallergenic.
Century Bracelet by Queen and Collection
If having a vintage, timeless Roman look is your forte, then the Soho bracelet will be your constant companion everywhere.
The push and lock design enhance its simple and elegant look.
Soho Bracelet By Queen and Collection
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 If beauty were a person, then it would be the Oasis Necklace. An Oasis inspires the elegant looking bracelet from  Queen and Collection. It combines a sparkling cubic zirconia gemstone pendant and an 18K Triple Plated Gold silky chain.
Oasis Necklace By Queen and Collection
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The  Istanbul Necklace by Queen and Collection features a rectangular black onyx with sparkling cubic zirconia gemstone pendant delicately hanging on an 18K Premium Triple Plated Gold stunning double-rope.
Istanbbul Necklace by queen and Collection
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Mona earrings are the perfect addition to a contemporary style. At $75.00, it is affordable, and yet the class is not compromised. Get it and have a touch of shine and shimmer added to your everyday style.
Mona Earrings by Queen and Collection
The holiday season is here, and everyone is going out in shine and shimmer. Step out in the Protective Eye Earrings by Queen and Collection and be a part of the party.
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As you can see, Queen and Collection takes care of all your jewellery needs and at an affordable price.