7 Easy Rules for Layering Necklaces Like a Pro

I want to feel you in on a bit of fashion secret.

 Wearing a good necklace is the ladder that takes you from a dull look to an expensive look. You might have a plain-looking outfit, but there is an instant change when you add some necklaces.

Similarly, an expensive-looking outfit becomes dull if you don’t accessorise it with necklaces.

Over the years, more people have moved from wearing a single necklace to a layered look, which is fantastic. Honestly, I feel wearing more necklaces is the best fashion trend. 

However, just like with any fashion trend, we have to know how to wear the layered necklace so that we don’t look like a moving shelf from a jewellery store.

And so today, we look at simple ways to wear the layered look like a pro.

7 Easy Rules for Layering Necklaces Like a Pro

Start with 2-4 necklaces.  More than that will look too messy, busy and get tangled.

 Layer different lengths. The key to this is to have gaps in between the chains. To make it even better, ensure that there are equal amounts of space between gaps. 

 Mix and match the chain styles. Layer the chunky chains with the delicate necklaces to bring out the oomph

Pick a base. I prefer using a coin or pendant necklace as a base. Then add a choker,  link chain Or a beaded necklace. ( you can decide to use a long beaded necklace and double it to count as two necklaces).

Stick with the same metals – keep it either gold or silver. It doesn’t mean mixing two metals doesn’t work. It can, but it might be harder to get it right.  Alternatively, use a chain that has two metals to easily “marry” the metals.

 To inject some fun, start with metal pieces, like a gold chain and add in coloured beads or pearls for a pop of color and interest; you can try The Tennis Necklace Shades of Colours.

If you have a bigger bust, keep the layers above the “girls”. Or, if you want to add a longer layer, make sure THAT necklace has a heavier pendant to weigh it down, create a definition and avoid “uniboob” syndrome.

As always you can talk to us about any of your jewellery concerns we will be glad to give recommendations. You can also go through the layering set section on our website to pick your best look