November is an exceptional time to get the best Black Friday jewellery deals. And Queen and Collection has the perfect gift for everyone this holiday season. So, if you are thinking of buying some Christmas gifts, now is the ideal time.


Jewellery is the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas shopping list. Perhaps it's earrings for Mom or a bracelet for your best friend. Whoever it is for, we know you'll be able to find all your jewellery needs during our Black Friday deals and holiday sales.

 Our selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and layering sets has everything you need.


You will love our selection of the best Black Friday jewellery deals; take a look.

  • Naked Necklace

Add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your outfit with this exquisite necklace which is expertly gold-plated using state-of-the-art procedures to produce 16 inches of elegant reflection of light for life’s special occasions.

  • Femme Anklet

Ankles that are well taken care of are a true mark of beauty; that is why at Queens and Collection, we have decided to create a product that inspires elegance, luxury and style.

Our designers have gathered this influence to create this 7inches long, 18K Premium Triple Plated Gold on Stainless Steel.

Perfect to be the centre of attention during the Christmas Holidays.

  • Tennis Gift Set

Elegance in its purest form. The Tennis Gift Set is the season’s product; that’s why it has become the perfect gift for this Christmas.

The Tennis Gift Set is the perfect marriage between two jewellery pieces. They blend in so naturally, giving you an expensive appeal.

The necklace features a stunning double-sided glittering charm that matches the stud earrings; this beautiful set will complement all outfits this Christmas holiday.

  • Karma Layering Set

Don't miss out on this black Friday jewellery deal If you want to find the right gift for your friends.

Just to remind you, gifting friendship bracelets is the new normal.

 Don’t miss the opportunity to buy your friendship bracelet. Karma Layering Set is the perfect friendship bracelet.

  It is fashionable; it is a trend. Don't lose the chance to match with your best friend.

  • Oasis Earrings

Elegant and attractive is an understatement.

An oasis inspired earring; it brings to life even the dullest outfits. It is an18K Premium Triple Plated Gold on Stainless Steel featuring a single rectangular Zirconia gemstone.

We hope you love this selection we thoughtfully made for from the Queen and Collection online store for Black Friday.

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