Black Friday: The History you never Knew

Hey, we might as well start wishing you happy summer holidays.

Happy Black Friday.

Happy Cyber Monday.

Happy shopping, my people.

Who doesn’t love this season, the sun, the colour, the laughter, love and most importantly we get to shop and shop and shop some more.

So at the Queens and Collection online store, we were curious, where did Black Friday come from? Where was it celebrated first? Why was it started?

We did a little research to understand why Black Friday became a shopping frenzy weekend. 

Would you like to know what we discovered?

Very well then, read along. 

 The phrase 'Black Friday' began in the United States of America and was invented in 1864 to describe an incident that saw the price of gold skyrocket on the stock market. 

To counter the spike, the government put in so much gold in the market, which prompted a considerable downturn in the value of gold.

The result of this gold overflow meant that scores of investors suffered a significant loss. While we observe Black Friday at the end of November every year, the 19th-century incident happened on the 24th of September.

But that’s not all; the story continues.

More recently, in the 1960s, the term was made famous by the Philadelphia Police.

They used the term Black Friday to describe the horrifying traffic and pollution on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

 They thought that a combination of transport chaos and overindulgence on Thanksgiving was to blame for the number of people who didn't make it to work the following day, which was our dear Black Friday.

Seriously,  when you're faced with the possibility of sitting in a traffic jam or just taking advantage of the day off to do a spot of Christmas shopping, which one would you choose.

I'll choose shopping.

Black Friday became a popular expression across the US in the 1990s with numerous retailers jumping on board with discounted goods and flash sales. It didn't make its way over to the UK until 2010 and with the power of the internet we now celebrate it in Australia and we are happy.

Now that you know the history of Black Friday, onto the present. The Jewellery industry offers the worst discount deals over Black Friday - something like 4% of the cost of jewellery on average!

So I presume that makes Queen and Collection online store positively heroic in the discount department

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From us at your most trusted online jewellery store, we wish you happy shopping and happy holidays.