Fall in Love With Spring Jewelry Trends

Fall in Love With Spring Jewelry Trends

Are you ready for spring jewelry trends? 

We pulled the favorite finds from Queen and Collection online store to give you a taste of what you can wear during this season.

As part of the jewelry industry, we are up to date on the latest jewelry style drifts. We know that you are not ready for that event until you have your jewelry.

Below are a few unique pieces from Queen and collection online store. 

1. Unique rings

Slip-on rings that bring out your unique character, a piece of individualism. You may consider going timeless with the Soho Ring Gold or Big with the Vogue Ring.

Let's also not forget the simple and expensive-looking Tokyo Ring.

Soho Ring by Queen and Collection

 Soho Ring

Tokyo Ring by Queen and Collection online store

Tokyo Ring

Vogue Ring

2. Statement necklaces

As the sweaters go out, uncovered necklines shout for necklaces. Styles currently in trend include a mixture of gold and pearls, bright, bold colors that reflect the majestic rays of the sun. We have for you the 18K Premium Triple Plated Gold on Stainless Steel with Cubic Zirconia Gemstone Oasis Necklace.

but thats not all; you can also try out the sparkly Tennis necklace and the Muse necklace that looks like it's going to bring you all the good luck from spring's pot of luck.

Muse Necklace by Queen and Collection

Muse Necklace

Oasis Necklace by Queen and Collection

Oasis Necklace

Tripple Necklace by Queen and Collection


3. Earrings

Whether you're going for a modern or a more vintage look, earrings add a flirty note to V-necklines. The most popular trend includes a teardrop pearl earring like the Oasis Earring, the unique Tripple Earrings, and the Maddona Earrings for the days when you want to keep your jewelry at a minimum have a classy look.

Tripple earrings by Queen and Collection

Tripple Earrings

Oasis Earrings

Oasis Earrings

Madonna Earrings

Madonna Earrings

Top fall colors

Who What Wear featured the top color trends for spring: Gold, Popping Pink, Orange, and Mellow yellow. Check out the Queen and Collection online store for jewels to pull off these colors.

Share your jewelry inspiration!

Spring is a time to share love and to be happy. Whatever your fashion preference, have fun layering, mixing, and matching for a look that reveals your personality and boosts your sense of style.