How to Wear Jewelry

Have you ever thought your jewelry looked off? Don’t worry; we all have felt that at some point.

 That’s why the Queen and Collection online store has decided to show you simple and effective ways you can pair jewelry with your outfit and look outstanding.

 Before wearing your jewelry, you might want to ask yourself several questions to help you select appropriate jewelry. Things like the look you want to achieve and your outfit should be on top of your head.

We look at the most important considerations to make while purchasing jewelry below.

When Wearing a Statement Piece

 Use a single statement piece to complement your outfit. Like

  • Earrings
  • A chunky necklace 
  • One big piece or stack of bracelets

Apart from the statement piece, all the other accompanying jewelry should not be too dramatic.


Consider the kind of  Fabric you are Wearing

  • Wear delicate jewelry like thin chains when you are in light, sheer fabric.
  • Bulky sweaters look exquisite when paired with heavier necklaces.

Consider your Neckline

The shape of your neckline determines:

  • Whether you’ll wear a necklace that goes inside your collar or rests on the skin. 
  • If you need a longer necklace that rests on your top.

Consider The Colors You are Wearing

Your jewelry doesn’t have to be the same color as the outfit you are wearing. As a matter of fact, you can create a contrast in the colors to make your outfit pop.

Consider the Pattern of your clothing

Have fun as you pair jewelry and patterns, like:

  • Simple, solid jewelry looks best with bold prints.
  • Jewelry with a patterned surface looks best with small detailed design.

 How to Combine Pieces

      Do not go all matchy if you don’t want to look like you are straight from an ancient movie scene. Mix and match your jewelry pieces with your outfit for a fresh look.

      Don’t get me wrong; you don’t have to throw away the matching pendants and earrings you bought when that was the fashion trend. Mix them up.

      What of the Rings?

      Getting the proportions right is the key to having a fancy look. Align the size of your rings to the outfit you are wearing.

      For instance, big clothes go well with chunky rings. You could also switch the finger you wear your ring on to balance out the bracelets.

      If you’re overwhelmed by all this, don’t worry. We got you. Below are seven simple steps that’ll make you a pro in wearing your jewelry right.

      • Match your jewelry to the occasion.
      • Simple Patterns and busy jewelry are a creative blend.
      • Highlight your face with statement earrings.
      • Ensure your jewelry complements your skin tone.
      • Mix jewelry with warm tones with cool colored fabrics.
      • Gold, white and black are timeless colors.
      • Choose a centerpiece. 


      DON’T FORGET...

       Regular cleaning brings back life to your dull jewelry. Polish your gold jewelry occasionally to get the fantastic, long-lasting effect of sparkly jewelry, and for the best jewelry, welcome to the Queen and Collection online store.