The Lockdowns are Over! 5 Best Jewellery types You can Wear

Hooray, Australia, The Lockdowns are out!

Although most of us are still working from home, looking our best is still a priority! Looking good can raise self-confidence and make us feel better about ourselves. This is why accessorising with gorgeous jewellery is an excellent way to get you in a good mood.

Because of this knowledge, We at Queen and Collection aim to serve you the most delicious jewellery despite the pandemic. 

And, with summer just around the corner, you can add the feel-good vibes in your everyday routine with specific pieces in the queen and Collection online store that have become a favourite among stylish ladies. 

New Arrivals

We have an exciting range of new products that will make a dull day shine in the aura of jewellery and sophistication. From the Padlock Bracelet to the symphony earrings and the ever majestic summer collection of the Tennis Necklace| Shade of Colours and Tennis Bracelet| Shade of Colours, we have it all.

Sterling silver jewellery

Sterling silver, we believe, will always stay on the catwalk. This metal is more affordable than gold yet provides aesthetics that can give any outfit that needs oomph. And you can always mix and match silver pieces in different metal finishes to complement a particular look.

Browse our website and get the best sterling silver jewellery ranging from Avenue Necklace to the padlock hoops silver.


Necklaces can always boost a look! They add a splash of elegance, femininity, and youthfulness to a simple outfit and allow the wearer to show off her personality. 

Beaded jewellery

Beads somehow always remind you of summer. That is why as much as we dont have beaded jewellery at Queens and Collection. We created the awe-inspiring Shades of Colours range that mimics beaded jewellery.

They give off a playful vibe and can add a splash of colour to any outfit. They also lean more on the formal side, which is perfect for evening parties with friends now that the lockdown is no more.

#5 Pearl Jewelry

We believe pearls will always be on the trends list, as these natural gems are a piece of classic jewellery must-have for every woman. Whether it’s Kiss Huggies Earrings, Tennis Bracelet, Symphony Ring Gold, or Symphony Necklace, pearl jewellery can turn a simple outfit into an elegant, classy look.

The takeaway

Summer is the best time to enjoy good health, friendship and love. Now with the lockdowns out, you can shop from our dealers countrywide. Some of the retailers trust to give you the best of our products are

Happy Shopping.