Engagement Rings And How To Choose The One

Engagement is one of the most important events in someone’s life. You should start to think of this well before since there are certain elements of the ceremony that do need some time. Sometimes, all that it takes is just the right person and just about the perfect spot, but the other times it is so overwhelming that you might take on a bit of advice and start to make a list. Whatever might be your story, do not forget the ring!

 1. Decide On Whether To Go Shopping Together Or Not

Some couples decide about the engagement issues together. They know in advance when they want to have the ceremony, where, who will be present - even where to buy the ring and what it would be like. Others like that element of surprise and leave everything to their partner. (Surprise element guaranteed!)

2. Decide On The Shape And Style

Be aware that not every ring may look just perfect on every hand. Several factors are deciding for you. To make the decision process easier for you, there is a formula. Yes, you read me right - the formula! And here it is:

Finger Length x Width + Ring Shape + Style = The Perfect Match

You should compare the length and width of your finger with the size of your hand (nails included), the width and size of the ring, and the size and shape of the main stone. Your personality, lifestyle, and personal taste for the jewelry are also important.

3. The Size Does (Not?) Matter

Larger or smaller stone? How many carats? How much money should I spend? All of these questions matter equally. If your budget is limited, make sure you appreciate one element and settle for the rest.

4. Measurements

Make sure that both of you get your measurements straight. Rings are not like shoes - to walk them a bit before they fit perfectly. You do not want that your ring messes with your circulation or be loose. You can go and get your finger size on your own, and drop it in the conversation with your partner, however subtle-less it might seem.

5. Choose Where You Buy Your Jewelry

The engagement ring is often one significant investment. Make sure that you are dealing with credible sources.

6. Do not Chase The Latest Trends

An engagement ring should be bought once and last forever. Trends come and go. Daring choices do have their wow effect. But styles change over seasons, and today's dare is tomorrow's old news. We would always recommend classic symbols.

7. The Engagement Ring Is Not About The Price

Limited budgets can not rely on a variety of choices. But even if you have a significant budget, you should consider it wisely. Men are often under the impression that they need to spend at least a month's salary on the engagement ring. It is just poor marketing. Engagement and marriage carry on so many expenses that being responsible do not sound too bad. You do not need a rock. All that you need is a ring that is right for your partner. 

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