We design for two reasons -- beauty and freedom. We mindfully create pieces to illuminate your individual style and personality -- and to magnify your unique "brand of beauty", both inside and out. QUEEN AND Co. believes that all women have a right to feel beautiful, strong and free.

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Vertigo Layering Set - Queen&CollectionVertigo Layering Set - Queen&Collection
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Vertigo Layering Set

4 reviews
$255.00 AUD $295.00 AUD
Soho Trio Set - Queen&CollectionSoho Trio Set - Queen&Collection
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Soho Trio Set

19 reviews
$245.00 AUD $285.00 AUD
Istanbul Layering Set - Queen&CollectionIstanbul Layering Set - Queen&Collection
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Istanbul Layering Set

15 reviews
$175.00 AUD $190.00 AUD
Soho Monet Layering Set - Queen&CollectionSoho Monet Layering Set - Queen&Collection
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Soho Monet Layering Set

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$169.00 AUD $189.00 AUD
Soho Layering SetSoho Layering Set
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Soho Layering Set

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$179.00 AUD $190.00 AUD
Tokyo Layering Set - Queen&CollectionTokyo Layering Set - Queen&Collection
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Tokyo Layering Set | Bracelet and Necklace

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$165.00 AUD $184.00 AUD
Queen Anklet Set - Queen&CollectionQueen Anklet Set - Queen&Collection
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Queen Anklet Set

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$99.00 AUD $118.00 AUD
Tennis Sets in Gold - Queen&CollectionTennis Sets in Gold
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Tennis Sets in Gold

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Layering Set

Necklace Categories and How to Use Them

We know necklaces are the main thing on everyone's jewellery collection and as the leading company in the jewellery industry we do everything to have vast designs available for you, anytime.

Alright, did you know we categorised our necklaces and it might be of great help to everyone to know what categories they are.

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Many experts will tell you never to go to bed with your earrings on unless you
have to. This is because of the many side effects that can come from doing that.
Some common examples are:
Torn skin
With all of that tossing and turning when you sleep, your earrings can get caught
up in bedding and hair, and then the risk of tearing up your earlobe increases.

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The Wearable Art of Bracelet Stacks

egardless of your own style, bracelets stacks are a pattern that everybody should attempt. Whether you are an exemplary diva or a boho goddess, layering bracelets would constantly appear to be fitting. Stacked bracelets have been in pattern for quite a while and essentially to say that they are not going anywhere at any point in the near future

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Annie sood

Magnum Diamond Ring

No pictures does justice to the actual product.Everytime you open that little brown pouch,something dazzling comes out of it!!Quality is amazing,customer service is fantastic.All my other other jewellery is in the pouches as they are high maintenance,I wear this jewellery for days in a row and it remains intact(not sure how you do it)…and I never had any allergies from it as well!!Well done I would say and keep adding designs!!



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