Good-To-Know Jewelry Terms

Whether you are searching for jewelry for yourself, your significant other, or just helping out a friend in need, it always sounds right to know what you are looking for. Some people recognize their piece of jewelry right away, on the spot, just like that! And some other people do it with help from their friends or jeweler. 

Here is a list of a couple of jewelry terms. Some are related to Queen&Co, and others are not. However, it is good to feel knowledgeable in situations apart from your routine or comfort zone. 

18K - Pure Gold Or Alloy?

18K stands for 18-carat gold, and 18-carat gold is an alloy that includes 75% pure gold and 25% alloy. This type of gold is by far the most popular selection for engagement rings and fine jewelry worldwide. It is a high luxury choice, rich in gold color. 

Is My 18K Gold Ring Real?

Look under the surface of your ring. Any "18K" or "18KT" sign? Yes? Gold jewelry usually does have a karat number stamped on it. 

One more way to tell is to drop your ring into the water. Real gold will not float or show signs of rust afterward. 

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How Many Carats Is Fine Gold?

24-carat gold is in jewelry known as fine gold, as pure as gold can get. The percentage is over 99.7

What Is Fashion Jewelry?

It is the term coined in the early XX century and refers to jewelry that is not made with gemstones or precious metals but with cheap materials (nickel, brass, rhinestones, or pewter). Vast materials simulated gemstones: plastic, shell, glass, etc. 


Facets are smooth, flat surfaces made on glass or cut stone. They may be found in nature.

Fine Silver 

Fine silver is pure silver, and it contains at least 99.9% of silver content.

Purity Stamps 

Purity stamps or hallmarks stand for a level of purity in a piece of jewelry, especially gold and silver. Some countries require them by law. Australia does not.

Accent Piece 

An accent piece is a design element created to draw attention to a specific point on a jewelry piece. 


Bijouterie is the skill of working in enamel and gold.


Brass is a half-copper and half-zinc yellow alloy.

Layering Necklace 

It is simply a way of wearing more than one necklace. Sometimes they are tied together as one jewelry piece, and sometimes a couple of the necklaces are worn as one.

Classic Piece 

A timeless piece of jewelry popular at all times. 


A throat-to-chin, wide necklace. 


A piece of jewelry of high quality. 

Gold Washed 

A term referring to a rather thin layer of gold, not plated.


A term refers to a piece of metal plated with a thin layer of gold. 


An oval or heart-shaped piece that can contain memorabilia (a picture, lock of hair). 


A slight discoloration that shows in silver or bronze. Sometimes is induced artificially.

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