Jewelry Trends For 2022

The latest events in the fashion industry (Met Gala, Grammys, Oscars, various red carpet premieres. opening events) have stressed what is already known as new jewelry trends for 2022. If we were to choose one word to describe these trends, it would most definitely be - bold! Going crazy with wardrobe certainly included jewelry. So let’s see what’s in in 2022.

Mixed Materials

Mixed materials are not a new trend. It’s just that sometimes we are more or less prone to wear this sort of jewelry. You may wear pieces mixing almost anything: yellow and white gold, diamonds and pearls, pearls and statement stones - you name it, the more - the merrier!

Chunky Chains

You can not get bolder than wearing chunky chain jewelry! There are several ways to incorporate them into your style. You can match a chunky chain necklace or bracelet with an ear stack. Try combining chunky chains with fragile florals. Go for minimalism, classic and timeless: golden chunky chains and hoops. Chunky chains in layers may sound too many, but having one bold piece with several slightly lighter ones - and off you go! Want to make a statement? Go for a maximalist approach and make your chunky chain stand out!

Eye-popping earrings and rings

The title says it all: eye-popping earrings draw attention instantly! They are a statement per se. This season they draw after the Hollywood Golden Age and vintage. Whether they are sparkling in colors, grand gemstones, or adornments with a many-karat setting - they need to match the equally bold wardrobe and strong personality of their owner.

Modern candy raver

It seems that a new fashion rule is that there are no rules. The same applies to fashion jewelry - modern jewelry inspired by the feelings of summer with a nostalgic design, rainbow, pearls, and bright colors are not only summer-reserved. Wear them any season!


Fashion logos never go out of the fashion. Whether it is Coco, Dolce&Gabbana, or Valentino logo necklace or earrings - they are never outdated. It is a way of self-promotion and a way to make a statement that one is trendy enough to be a part of this world.

Body chains

Whether it is a golden chain-layered belt, body necklace, or a waist chain finishing with stones, a hearth, or a flower, wearing one of these brings on an extraordinary sensation of luxury, relaxation followed by a feeling of eternal vacation. These pieces are a must-have for the spring and summer seasons. But remember - any time is good enough for your personal summer feelings. p.s. For the ones who might feel bold enough, please check out the Agent Provocateur’s Sabrina body chain. It covers all figures, and one may wear it naked.

Charm Finishes

There is no need to go for the glow and lights of the red carpet. Charm finishes add up something personal to your necklaces, earrings, and other pieces of jewelry. Heart finishes never go out of the fashion. Neither do the stars, smileys, diamond pieces, or personalized letters.

Power Pendants

Evil eyes, talismans, lockets, or pendant necklaces at the end of the golden chain bring something old, and antique to jewelry fashion. They never went out of fashion and are considered some sort of fashion. 

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