Let’s Meet: Curator Seyhan Camgoz!

We would love to dedicate some of our space here to introduce established or promising, young or not-so-young, traditional or modern (or both), but every one of the - artists whose art inspires and motivates us to go the distance with our dreams and ambitions. Let us say a couple of words about the artist Seyhan Camgoz.

Who is she?

Seyhan Camgoz is a curator, photographer, and creative artist living in Melbourne. She has been interested in various art forms from a very early age.

The turning point in her learnings and dealings with arts was when she discovered the darkroom. One of the greatest passions of all was born from that first look at the birth of photography. She pursued her degree in the Master of Photography at the Deakin University of Melbourne, Australia. And it was only the beginning of learning.

“To Be Is To Be Fearless”

“I am not interested in what something looks like - I am passionate about exploring what it feels like while photographing my subjects.” - Camgoz says when introducing one of her collections, Tongue Of Flora.

She is famous for her storytelling! Even when working with some iconic companies and individuals in the commercial field - from fashion to the makeup industry - her work is more than just a product or service photography.

Camgoz’s work shows influences from various forms of historical art. That is maybe the reason behind dealing with photography, videos, film, and artistic installations. She also works as a museum curator.

The Life Framer, an online portal empowering the art of photography, reports that Seyhan Camgoz “can get obsessed with anything if she observes long enough.” Her works show complete dedication to studying the theme and telling the story about it in visual arts.

Looking at Seyhan Camgoz’s photographs is to accept an invitation for a journey. Sometimes you know something about the places you see, and other times you jump into the unknown water with your eyes firmly closed!

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