Things You Did Not Know About Gold

Gold is one of the most precious metals the planet Earth left us in her legacy. Humans are still exploiting gold and using it for various purposes. But there are some things about gold that are still unknown. Let’s solve some golden mysteries!

How can I test if my golden jewelry is real gold?

One of the possible tests is to have a drop of vinegar onto your piece of jewelry. If the color is changed, then it isn’t gold. If it remains the same - you have gold. Also, fake gold floats on the water, or at least above t

Why can’t you wear 24-carat gold jewelry every day? 

24-carat gold is soft and prone to scratches and mechanical damage. Jewelry made from 24-carat gold is more valuable than any other carat-value jewelry but may be worn only on special occasions. Gold is so soft it may even be molded by hands!

Gold price and value 

The world keeps the same price as gold. It is affected by the global world economy. The value of a country’s assets is often measured by its reserves of gold.

Despite its importance, in 2018, palladium took place as the world’s most expensive metal.

Is it safe to eat gold? 

Yes, it is possible! Gold may be consumed in smaller quantities. It is very popular to order a dish that has golden leaves or other sorts of decorations.

Gold doesn’t cause skin irritations; it doesn’t rust, tarnish or corrode. If you notice that your gold jewelry does something to your skin, you should know it isn’t because of pure gold but other metals (alloy).

Golden China And Crafty Turkey 

It is known that China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of gold.

The greatest gold-producing countries in 2022 are (in order of gold production in tones): China, Australia, Russia, the USA, Canada, Indonesia, and Peru.

Turkey is considered the most prominent country in the world when it comes to jewelry design.

Different types of gold 

Rose gold is an alloy made from pure gold and copper. It is more durable than yellow gold.

Gold is known to be yellow, but some golden pieces of jewelry are shining more yellow, which is a result of an alloy made from pure gold with copper and silver.

White gold is made of an alloy of pure gold and nickel, silver, and palladium with a rhodium coating. It is real but is not found in nature in such color.

Is there such a thing as black gold?

No. There is no natural thing as black gold. Many so-called experts advertise black gold online. However, gold can turn black, but it is the effect of its alloy. And where there is alloy, it is not pure, natural gold. Gold turns black because of oxidation, painting liquid, black enamel, or black rhodium plating. 

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