Why Is Queen&Co Jewelry Coming From Turkey?

We at Queen&Co take great pride in our business ethics. We started as a small handcrafting manufacturer. Our growth comes organically, and over time we gained the undivided support and trust of our clients.

We did thorough research on the gold market at the very start of our endeavor. The final decision - to link our business to Turkey - was the only natural thing to do. Here is why.

Quality Of The Handcraft

We do the design for all of our jewelry, and we take great pride in all of the artists we engage in our business. Turkish handcrafting artists are one of the best we have met in this line of business. Their dedication, ideas, and quality of their work exceeded all of our expectations every day.

Have you ever been to Istanbul? Even if you did not, there are so many products you must have heard about that show filigree skills of old crafts. They are still cared for in Turkey. The handcrafting artists we work with are skilled in blending our specific requirements with their new ideas and traditional ways.

Why does Gold From Turkey Last Long? 

A carat is a measurement unit used for describing the purity of gold. Gold from Turkey can be 10, 12, 14, 18, 20, or 21-carat. (Usually, 10-carat and 12-carat gold are intended for the American retail market.) In 1993, the prohibition on gold jewelry exports was lifted, and this opened the world market for buying gold from Turkey. It is marked as the gold of high standard and quality.

Queen&Co uses 925 stainless steel triple plated with premium 18-carat gold. That means 18-carat gold is mixed with alloy (another metal) - 18 parts gold to 6 part alloys, or 75% gold.

Our gold jewelry contains 18-carat because it is the most durable. 24-carat gold maybe is the purest, but it is also so soft that it immediately shows scratches or any other sign of wear. Although 24-carat is the most valuable investment, one can not wear jewelry made from pure gold every day, but only on special occasions.

And the philosophy behind Queen and Collection is that we want to make durable jewelry our customers can wear every day, on all occasions.

(Why Is Gold From Turkey Cheap?) 

This is one of the most common questions we receive. And it is wrong. Gold from Turkey is not cheap. The price of gold all over the world is just the same. What is different about Turkish gold is its lower labor costs. And it is what makes jewelry cheaper than in some other countries.

Queen&Co avoids agents. In everything we do, we value personal contact. When we make a design, we want to contact our handcrafting artists and suppliers directly. We are involved in all phases of producing Queen&Co jewelry, and we are standing behind every piece of it.

We Keep Limited Editions Only 

We design and produce limited editions of jewelry. Since we are the designers of our products, they may be found in Queen&Co only. Our brand is growing, and we keep developing new ideas for new jewelry.

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