How Do You Find Out The Ring Size Without Asking?

When you want your engagement to be a surprise, you are not even thinking about dropping a line about it with your partner. But if you want your engagement to be a complete success, it is always great if you know the ring size in advance. After all, every bride and groom wants their ring to fit perfectly instantly.

Finger size is not unique at all times, and it is perfectly normal. Many occasions may affect fingers: pregnancy, temperature (warm weather makes fingers swell, and cold weather makes them shrink), physical activity. So, how can you know for sure?

Make It An Inside Job

It is always great to have inside accomplish, and it is usually a mother or the best friend of your loved one. Just make sure that they keep your interest confident. If they are not so sure, you can go on asking for a testing finger - they maybe know someone who has the identical finger size (a sister, the best friend, or colleague).

Base The Measure Off One Current Ring

This method works only if your future fiancée wears several rings on all fingers and you know which fits her left ring finger. But people are usually not wearing rings on their left ring finger, and the size of the other fingers is unfortunately not reliable.

Be Your Model

You know that there is a ring worn on the left ring finger, but you cannot take it with you because your partner will be suspicious. But there is a moment when the ring is unattended, and you should grab the opportunity and slip the ring on your finger. Make a mark at the place where it stopped and go to the jewelry shop, and have professionals measure it.

Go A Few Sizes Up

When you are not sure - you are not sure. But the least you can do is to have an
approximate size and go a few sizes up, so your engagement ring at least fits the finger for the proposal ceremony. Surprise is there, and later on, you can bring it to your jewelry for resizing.

Use The Formula

Some people say there is a formula that solves this issue! Someone's shoe size divided by 2 plus 1.5 gives just about the ring size. You read it right! Though, you should probably put it through a test first.

Buy From The Right Jeweler

Whatever you decide, make sure that the jewelry studio where you bought the ring will resize your ring size if it is needed. Some say that people usually get engagement rings worth three salaries. You want this ring to last for life!

Whatever you decide to do, try to make your engagement day one of the best days of your life. The ring will fit or not, but this should not spoil your happiness and joy. After all, it is all about the promise of love and commitment. Forever!

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