With Autumn & Winter Season 2022/23 On The Way

We have already written about the jewelry trends for the year 2022. With autumn and winter approaching, we would love to give some recommendations for the upcoming season.

A couple of weeks ago, the Pantone Color Institute released The Fall 2022 Pantone Color Trend Reports. It is following the London and New York Fashion Week. The report states that colors for this season are not only going for a calm and comfortable pastel and warmth but will add on the opposites - full house energy vitality expressed through a variety of soothing and breezy tones.

Most popular colors fall under the darker shade of reds, greens, and blues. Only bright tones reaching out from the spring are vibrant oranges, rose violet, nosegay, and strawberry cream. Highly saturated colors will rule 2022/2023 autumn & winter season.

Top 3 Necklaces For The Season

There are several models we would love to propose for this season. Here are several bold necklaces that match this year’s trends:

Aria Necklace - it has that something that attracts one’s attention right away, and a green onyx offers a vintage and trendy vibe at the same time.

Charm Of Sun Necklace - if you want to safe keep just a little more of the sun and summer sensation if you are that person who is bringing smiles and warmth in a room full of people (or you know someone who might fit the description) - this is the necklace for you.

Pearl Necklace - inspiration for this piece comes from the sun. The pearl’s gentleness blends with dazzling yellow gold. It matches perfectly with a casual and dressed-up combination. It looks outstanding on a teenage girl and a grown woman. Being one of the 2022 trends, Pearl Necklace is all about mixing materials and going over and beyond!

Top 3 Bracelets For The Season

Having just stepped out from the summer season, you may find bracelets as the best statement piece before you start to heap up your autumn wardrobe. Let’s see how to add a dash of something special to your wrist.

Tennis Bracelet - the shade of colors is what you want to keep from passing season. Colours Adding colours to every day is sometimes all that we need. Especially on rainy days (which are about to come). The necklace is a mix of classic and trendy for this season and will match any outfit. Gifting someone colours is maybe the most precious gift of all.

Magnum Bracelet - if you want a stylish piece of jewelry that speaks for itself, look no more. Magnum bracelet combines modern design with the elegance of all seasons. The person wearing it will find it a precious and favorite.

The Rhythm Bracelet Silver - we can’t recommend this piece of perfection enough. Silver is not out of fashion for the season. The rhythm part of this bracelet merges sensations of antique, rich elegance, and style. To wear this bracelet is to draw attention. A person wearing it will be shining on you.

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