How would you describe the overall concept and theme of this photo shoot campaign?

Jacinta ; 

The Queen & Co Melbourne concept is a brand that inspires women to express their love for jewellery. Being a part of this concept was a honour and made me feel like I was apart of a concept which accepted me and my own love for Jewellery. It’s rustic and sets the vibe of a comfortable look for all. Being approached to be apart of this campaign was a honour. The founders of this brand are the most professional and really care not only for their clients but for their people therefore to be approached was one of the most exciting experiences I’ve come to face during my career.

What was your initial reaction when you were approached to be a part of this campaign?

Jacinta ;

The preparation & planning was the most fun, the beautiful Cihan had given me the website to some research on the brand and what their look is all about therefore my preparation was my own research such as looking at the previous looks done and how I can make it my own

Could you share some details about the preparation and planning that went into the photo shoot?

Jacinta ;

Packing my bag was the most fun, I got the ideas just by researching from previous looks done, plain & simple always goes a long way when shooting jewellery.



How do you hope this campaign will inspire or influence others in terms of fashion choices or self-expression?

Jacinta ;

When I first done my own research of this brand it was extremely noticeable that Queen & Co appreciate diversity and unique looks. I hope that when customers are on Queen & Co they recognise how much of a statement this brand gives and how much positivity it brings to its customers. Now days, social media is the biggest platform for influence, I would hope when customers are shopping at Queen & Co they know how much these pieces will bring a certain statement to their look, whether that might be for a simple casual day time look or for a wild night out and gives them the confidence to embrace their fashion icons for them to be allowed to self express their own styles.


How do you personally interpret and embody the fashion brand's aesthetic and style in your role as a model

Jacinta ;

This brands ascetic is one that will simply never go out of fashion. Personally, I embrace these pieces as my own because of the simple but luxurious look about them. When modelling these pieces, they all looked fabulous on and I simple explain why, it is because the pieces that this brand have suit every look. As a model it’s extremely important to create your own vibe and make it your own and that’s exactly what I did. I can confidently say that these pieces will embody the look of each individual.



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