Meet The Creators and Owners
We are Seyhan Camgoz and Cihan Bektas, a Melbourne-based couple of creatives with 15 years of experience in the fashion and creative
arts industries.
We are both passionate artists and love to create in the areas of photography and painting. Seyhan has been in the fashion industry for decades now, and her work is referenced in all major fashion magazines: Harpers Bazar, Vogue, Marie Claire. She was also a lead photographer for MAC, Loreal, Mecca, Yves Rocher. Cihan’s expertise lies in the field of marketing and brand development. 
Meet Queen&Co.
Painting and sketching ideas was one of Seyhan's lockdown hobbies at first. Soon it grew into a business idea, and together we finally started to discuss how to make it privately-owned entrepreneurship.
Over the years, we found out that one needs to pass through the fire to become gold - just like our jewelry. We do sell jewelry, but we are not a jewelry shop.
Our business is where we feel like being at home: we draw inspiration from classic collections and a more modern approach to fashion.
We are supportive of each other's ideas, and our joint passion for beauty, style, and just about the right amount of hard work and time
brought us to unique entrepreneurship. 
How Easy Is It To Create Jewelry? 
Creating jewellery turned out to be another growth step toward what we are and do. Dreams about the work that will be both creative
and fulfilling led us to start a business, where all of our skills and passions joined together.
When you look at our jewellery, you don't think about their journey from raw materials to shining precious items you see here.
Everything starts with an idea, and the good ones do not come easily. But when it does happen - ideas keep us awake at night and passionately busy on days.
We draw several sketches until what was once an idea - begins to resemble a jewellery item.
Each piece is designed in Melbourne and carefully handcrafted by selected artisans in Istanbul, Turkey.
They are manufactured in limited editions using 925 stainless steel triple plated with premium 18-carat gold and zirconium gemstones.
Our plating method provides extra protection against natural discoloration so you can enjoy your purchase for as long as possible. 
Our Goal: Luxury Jewelry For Everyday Wear

We design every piece of our jewellery collection to enhance even the simple and most minimalistic outfits. We also make the morning dressings process a little easier for you.
Our clients are looking for stones and rings of specific shape and origin or jewelry of certain metals. Not all sorts of metals and stones are
for everyday wear. Some have more potential for damage, and some demand more care.
We work with gold and silver jewellery, and they are known as friendly metals, which means that our clients can wear them daily.
There is no reason you shouldn’t wear your favorite jewellery favorites every day. Special consideration goes to storing and protecting the
longevity of your jewelry pieces. 
For Women By Women

Queen and Collection is a brand for women by artists. Simply beautiful, captivating, and essential pieces for modern women at
reasonable prices.