How to Wear Hoops and Cuff Earrings?

Sometimes people choose jewellery according to their wishes, and sometimes they follow a trend. At other times, they are not sure about matching a specific clothing style with appropriate jewellery, and they go for either classic or extraordinary pieces.

We are always more prone to the choices of one’s heart, but there are - and we here present them - some guidance for wearing and matching pearl hoops and cuff earrings.

Meet Cuff Earrings

First, let’s break one misconception about cuff earrings: they do not require piercing. It requires no bravery to have one. It does take some time to handle placing them on your ear, and this skill soon shows its rewards. When seeing cuff earrings, the most common prejudice is that the ear needs several piercings, and people wearing them are one of those alternative guys and gals.

Cuff earrings are lately so popular, but it seems as if they are only for funky and young people on-the-edge with their choices. How do cuff earrings fit? Easily! Either you buy one that matches all ear areas ear, or you have one for a specific position. You pull the cuff ends and adjust them to the thinnest part of your ear. Then you slide it toward the inner ear until you find the perfect spot. If having them on your ear hurts, you didn’t find the right place on your ear, or you didn’t adjust the cuff. If it falls off - it’s the same.

Are they safe on their spot? Well, not as the pierced earrings. But if you find that perfect spot and tug them a few times to test it - you are as good as with pierced ones. Although they originate from India, where they are part of all traditional and other events for all women, cuff earrings are increasingly popular everywhere. They are one of the most promising trends of 2022! 

How To Wear Pearl Hoops? 

The opinion that pearls will never get out of the trends is the most common in the jewelry fashion industry. Pearls are old school, vintage, and that spirit of the classic that will never fade away, just like the little black dress of Coco Chanel.

We want to present some new and modern ways of incorporating pearls into your outfit. First of all, let’s forget that pearls are for special occasions only, and let’s see how to make them part of your everyday life. Layered pearl jewellery is back from the 1930s when they were at the peak of its popularity.

Having them as necklaces, bracelets, or even hoops is more popular than ever! Classic pearl earrings are always a great choice, but try matching them with cuff earrings, and your style will go over and beyond! Combine pearl hoops with classic jeans, a sweater, and statement lipstick/makeup. It’s not over: now pull your hair back and have your pearl hoops and lips say the words.

Use pearl hoops on the more formal event with full makeup. You may go for long ones or even try several ones of various sizes. The thing that is always trendy is the following: if you feel like wearing a specific piece of jewellery, don’t wait for those special occasions. Combine various hoops’ sizes with matching necklaces or bracelets, or let them be. Pull the hair or leave it.

Choose casual or formal outfits. Feel your inner impulse and search for your unique styling.

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