Many experts will tell you never to go to bed with your earrings on unless you
have to. This is because of the many side effects that can come from doing that.
Some common examples are:
Torn skin

With all of that tossing and turning when you sleep, your earrings can get caught
up in bedding and hair, and then the risk of tearing up your earlobe increases. You
could have an earring with a large size or a different shape and these factors can
contribute to that happening. How painful can that be?
When you wear the same earring for a long period, bacteria can be trapped and
grow leading to infections. Symptoms may include redness, swelling, pain, or pus.
Not needed, is it?

Skin Reactions

Wearing nickel-based earrings for longer periods can lead to allergic reactions.
One of the most common reactions is eczema. So its advisable to wear only
earrings made of surgical steel, sterling silver, or 18-karat gold and higher
Another common issue is damaged hair and bedding. So let's not sleep with our earrings on, okay.

You can only sleep with your earrings when you have a new piercing and you have
been told to leave that earring on for 6 weeks or more. To avoid skin reactions
you should put in earrings with hypoallergenic materials which all our earrings are
made up of. To avoid the other issues that come with sleeping with earrings you
should pay attention to the shape, back, and size of the earring.

The shape of the earring is very important because maximum comfort during
sleep can only be achieved when the earring is designed to not poke and hook

onto stuff. The best and recommended shapes are flat or rounded studs and
hoops that are completely closed around. Those hoops are also known as
Huggies. Our Berlin and Nude Earrings are a perfect fit if you`re looking for hoops.

The back of the earring should also be flat or rounded. They can come with screw- on features so they can stay on your ears without pulling out. This should be a
consideration because going with earrings with a pointy back can pierce your neck and that`s not cool at all. Moonlight, Mona, and Cross earrings have flat and
rounded backs so they give that comfort too. You can also go for silicon backings
which you can also order separately.


With every other thing under consideration let`s not forget one of the most
obvious. The size. The size matters a lot. Large earnings obviously don't do much
good on a newly pierced ear whether when sleeping or not.
Tiny studs are also very classy too. Because the earrings are going to be worn all the time you should go with the ones that have style and are very pretty too.
Well, there is only so much that can be said on this issue but we do hope that you
have something to take note of. Always maintain good earring hygiene, choose
the right accessories with the right material and mind the position you sleep in
Love, Queen and Collection, Melbourne.

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