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ELLI Connelly

Hey Elli, what is your Star sign? Hey ! I’m a Aries.

Who is your ultimate fashion icon? Hmm great question. Mines probably Hailey Beiber I love her effortless chic street style that still has so much fun with current trends.

What are your wardrobe essentials? A leather jacket always ! A pair of black boots and solid pair of blue denim jeans.

What is your favorite pieces of our new collection?

I’m loving anything clover ! Particularly the flora earring, white and black for day or night. And the femme, queen and avenue chain necklaces. Perfect on there own and even better layered.

What is your favorite destionation on australia and in the world? Hhmm this is though one but probably i would go Byron bay in here and Hongkong in overseas.

What are your career goals over the next five years? Travel as much as I could.. Pandemic days thoughts us so much things and I dont want to stopping myself anymore again.

premium quality watch

What’s your daily beauty routine? Do you have a specific skincare products you swear by?


I keep it really simple. I wash my face in the morning, then moisturise and put on sunblock (lots!). In the evening I always use my favourite Dream Repair Serum from The Beauty Chef. It fixes everything!

Other favourite products Ren Evercalm global protection day cream, Natio daily defence spf 50

Elli xx

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