The Best of the Queen & Collection: Gold and Silver

There was never a better time to mix various styles. Mixing gold and silver pieces of jewelry is so fashionable this year! They say wisdom is about thinking through the concept of layers and - a balance. Don’t exaggerate. Think about the more is less (and vice versa).

You may decide to mix the two or stay faithful to the metal of your preference, but here are a couple of suggestions for this season’s choice of gold and silver jewelry.

The Silver Linings

Maurice Setter wrote: Too many people miss the silver lining because they expect gold. And that is the reason to start our recommendations with a couple of silver pieces.  

Century Diamond Stud Silver - the very name says it a lot, doesn’t it? This pair of earrings are for pierced ears only. It is a standout piece with a large zirconia stone that will draw attention no matter how you wear it. And you may wear it on casual and more formal occasions. Here is a piece that may be with you at all times.

Diamond Ring Silver - speaking of the classic, the ring with zirconia stone is our all-time favorite. You may wear it alone, but you may also wear other rings close to it. It is the centerpiece of your wearing, and it is something that brings self-confidence and steadiness to the one carrying it.

Blossom Layering Set - we at Q&Co are so proud of every individual piece of this combination, so we decided to offer them as a layering set AND reduce the pricing! They are beautifully designed and knowledgeable crafted. Add a golden piece to it, and you will get an utterly trendy mix of gold silver. But leave it as it is and enjoy the classy effect.

Istanbul Necklace Silver - here is another necklace you may layer with another piece of jewelry, but it will do quite all right by itself! Large onyx stone surrounded by small, cubic zirconia on a rich and crafty chain. This piece is on sale, so use this opportunity to add it to your Q&Co collection.

Everything That Glitters Sometimes Is Gold 

Some time ago, they used to say that the gold is for the old. Nowadays, it couldn’t be more wrong! Wearing gold is having a piece of sun around your wrist, neck, ankle, or finger. The very look of it - brings the feeling of comfort and warmth. And it is with these sensations we want you to have a look at these several pieces for this season.

Tennis Bold Earrings - our first golden recommendation is this exquisite pair of C hoop earrings. Pull your hair back and let them absorb all the attention. They are stylish piece that combines classic design and modern zirconium shine.

Queen Anklet - there is very little time left to show the summer color of your ankles. Use it to give some sparkles to your ankle(s)! This beautifully crafted piece will make you feel cozy and light-footed. And it is the way we want to step into a new season. It is a promise - you’ll love it!

Magnum Bracelet - there is no bracelet in Queen & Co that is drawing more attention! It is our client’s absolute favorite! If we could assign lyrics to this piece of jewelry, it would be “remember when you were young; you shone like the sun.” Enough said!

Queen Necklace - we will finish these recommendations with our absolute favorite! The Queen Necklace is a filigree crafted piece, a statement per se. Great when surrounding your neck alone, great when adding another necklace to enjoy layers. Perfect for any occasion. Plus, you can wear it every day, without worrying about scratching it. That’s the way we at Queen & Collection love to do it - classy and standing the test of time!

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