What accessories to wear, when and how

When picking an outfit we consciously or unconsciously ask these questions.




What, as in clothes choice, accessories, shoes etc. When, indicating the time of the day, occasion and time frame. Then How, is what we want to showcase with a particular dress code. Also it's the way we style the answers to the what question to get an outfit. When dressing for work, what to wear is corporate. When dressing for a party what to wear would be chic and upbeat. When dressing for a wedding it would then be classy and elegant.


Using the work scenario, How would be what we want to reflect at work. For a more laid-back outlook, pairing some pants with a loose shirt would be great. Simple earing studs and a tiny gold necklace with pendant could work. For a sophisticated, boss lady appearance medium sized jewellery with diamonds can do the trick, complete with monochrome suits and high heels. For the party how we would dress also comes into play. Do you want to slay and depict sexy, then choker necklaces and rings would a definite choice.

Heels also come into play. It's all about creativity and going with what you think is wonderful. Statement necklaces, i.e necklaces with bold designs, go well on dinner dresses. Simple jewellery is perfect for running errands. Bangle sets and anklets are wonderful for a day at the beach. Stacking necklaces are nice for parties. Rings are not left out also as this shows a bit of personality. Overall create a balance.


Pair not to shouty dresses with over the top accessories. For example, if your dress already has a lot going on, you wouldn't want to wear large tassel earings. If you shoe has a lot of straps putting on an anklet would not be the best option. So just be yourself and style your outfits your way.

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