Necklace Categories and How to Use Them

We know necklaces are the main thing on everyone's jewellery collection and as the leading company in the jewellery industry we do everything to have vast designs available for you, anytime.

Alright, did you know we categorised our necklaces and it might be of great help to everyone to know what categories they are.



Kicking off we have the simple and plain ones. These can be safely used to stack and pair with other pieces. They have length, so they can be worn with crew, turtle or collared neckline. It can be very versatile and can be used however you choose.

These include:

Narrative Necklace

Bliss Necklace

Naked Necklace

Diamond Necklace



These are the ones with our famous zirconia stones laid all around the necklace. It's great for occasions and parties. It reflects light excellently so it would go with dresses that have a plain colour. Even if the dress is sequin filled or made to be shiny, make sure it's a mini to create a balance. They are comfy and easy to wear.

They include:

Tennis Necklace Gold

Symphony Necklace Gold

Tennis Necklace Silver

Symphony Necklace Silver


These wonderful pieces have already been made into pairs, so for our ladies that love to stack, it has already been done for you. They come in different forms and design. Like the Nirvana has some ring like jewellery on the first layer while the Queen Medallion has a chain instead. It'll be perfect for office wears, V-necklines and turtle neck tops.

Charm of Sun Necklace

Nirvana Necklace

Queen Medallion Necklace

Femme Necklace

Statement Necklace

Prominent Center Piece

The center pieces of these necklaces are noticeable and sometimes make the necklace what it is.

They too come in different styles and are so exquisite. Zirconia stones feature in this pieces also. They would be perfect for V-necklines as then would be able to sit just in the middle especially the Viva Necklace.

This class of jewellery include:

Viva Necklace

Belief Necklace

Istanbul Necklace

Mona Necklace

Oasis Necklace

Lucky Charm Necklace

Eye Necklace

Florence Necklace

Muse Necklace

Pearl Necklace

Manifesto Necklace


We hope this has been a helpful guide concerning our necklace section. Make sure to head over to our shop and see the jewelries for yourself. There are other jewellery pieces that's have not been spoken about but trust us we will. Stay turned for more.


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