As one of the leading companies in the Jewellery industry it is our primary aim to design and craft mind-blowing jewellery. And we can proudly say that we have achieved that because we have the best designers on the planet. With quality and customer satisfaction being our drive, we always bring the best to the table.


Without further ado let's dive straight in. All this blog post is about is our wonderful and infamous Tennis themed jewellery.

This pieces are characterised by the repetitive pattern of gemstones set in metal. It's is available in necklaces, bangles, earrings and rings. The stones are contrasting Zirconia stones. In the gold versions the metal is gorgeous 18K Premium Triple Plated Gold on Stainless Steel. It's the same in the silver versions but in this case it's Premium Triple Plated Silver on Stainless Steel instead.

Necklaces: Under the Necklace section we have 2 styles namely;

Tennis Necklace Gold

Tennis Necklace Silver

They exist in gold and silver. There is also an adaptation where the Tennis design is seen on one side of the necklace. We call it the Reunion Necklace. It only exist in Gold.

Bracelets: Moving to the bracelet section the pieces here are quite numerous. Here is a rundown.

Tennis Bracelet Gold

Tennis Bracelet Silver

Exclusive Tennis Bracelet Gold

Exclusive Tennis Bracelet Silver

Tennis Bold Bracelet Gold

Tennis Bracelet Gold: Shade of Colours


The difference between them are little but noticeable but the pattern remains the same.

Earrings&Rings: The earrings section are not short of breath taking pieces as well. We have the Tennis Bold Earring that is curved unlike the Tennis Earrings that's straight in shape. We also have the Symphony and Moonlight Earrings as well which are equally exquisite. The tennis pattern is noticed here to. In the ring section the only piece available for now is the Tennis Ring Silver.

The other features include the facts that they are all hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant, delivered in Q&Co custom white jewellery box and pouch, comfortable and easy to wear with Cubic Zirconia Gemstones.

It's always really nice when you wear a complete set of jewellery from the earrings to the bangles. You know we've got your back and can always count on us. Get these pieces, anytime from us.


Queen & Collection, Melbourne.

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