3 Steps to get your Fashion Jewellery Foot Forward For the Summer Holidays

Summer is just around the corner! Is your jewellery closet ready for this exciting season?

If you check out the different sections on the Queen and Collection online store, you will see a lot of stylish and trendy pieces that will look great on every summer outfit. But aside from preparing an impressive jewellery collection for summer, you should touch up on what’s trending now so that you are more appealing.

So what are some of the ways you can be ready for the 2021 summer trends?   Below we look at simple, exciting and doable ways you can look fashion forward and classy during the upcoming holidays.

Add fun and exciting colours

Your summer collection can definitely be more fun with a bit of colour and textures. Instead of using the usual dull colours, dress up and accessorise in a more exciting way by using colorful necklaces, rings or earrings. 

Create a beach inspired Look

This summer, people are all dreaming about a great time at the beach where they can enjoy the sun, the blue waters, and the endless sandbar after staying indoors and away from friends during the lockdown.

Incorporate a beach inspired look in your everyday style and get into the holiday mood.

Incorporate nature materials

Natural materials such as bright flowers and beads have a unique and refreshing vibe. Aside from looking stylish, the colour and oomph from them will make you happier and your days brighter .

There you have it, Three simple ways you can improve your summer look.  Now with the lockdowns out, you can shop from our dealers countrywide. Some of the retailers trust to give you the best of our products are